Ever since I first picked up my first Batman comic in 1993, I dreamed of becoming a comic book artist. As a child I learned to draw by referencing comics, magazines, and action figures. I drew my first complete comic in the 5th grade; a few loose leaf pages stapled together. It was called Skull Boy and it centered on a poorly drawn skull with limbs. My friends all enjoyed it and I continued to make them all through grade school and high school.

            After I graduated high school, I really wanted to pursue a career in comic books. Despite being told there was “no money in art”, I kept drawing. I attended Rutgers-Camden and majored in criminal justice, a back-up plan in case my comic book career never took off. In 2009, I took my portfolio to Wizard World Philly, but none of the professional artists would look at it. In 2010, I took my work to the New York Comic Con… but arrived too late for the DC Comics Talent Search. 

     In 2013, my friend Hong Nguyen came to me about creating a website for online comics. He’d seen my previous work and high school and thought I’d be interested. Initially, I refused because I was nervous. I didn’t feel that I was good enough. Eventually, I relented and decided to rework an issue of The Bolt I had lying around. I figured that I would put it out, no one would read it, and that would be it. However, inking and coloring that comic issue reawakened my passion. I loved making the panels, adding the word bubbles, and fleshing out my characters. Once The Bolt #1 debuted in April 2013, I received a great amount of positive feedback. People actually read it and enjoyed it! With my confidence restored, I threw myself into my work, creating further issues of The Bolt as well as adding Anomaly to the site.

            Today, I have two comic book series that I love to create. My work has been featured in a few local newspapers, and I’ve attended numerous events to gain more exposure. People really seem to enjoy the books and I’m proud of all that I’ve achieved. I am truly grateful to everyone that takes the time to read my comics and I thank you for visiting this site. I hope that you enjoy the comics, but also realize (as I have) that no dream is too far-fetched as long as we have the passion and resolve to pursue them. 

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