Alex Holloway
Age: 31

Occupation: Robotics Programmer 
Story: Alex Holloway was a "boy genius". Highly skilled at programming and designing robotic personalities at an early age, Holloway found his robotics career stagnant at 31. After failing on several occasions to create a robot that could think (and having his job threatened), Holloway finally creates Anomaly! Will he turn his discovery into quick cash or will Anomaly be the rejuvenating force in Holloway's life?

Wesley Walton
Age: 35
Occupation: Macro-robotics, biotech engineer
Story: Wesley Walton is a hotshot scientist, used to getting his way. He disagrees with Apex's policies and seeks to promote his own inventions instead, despite being less safe options. He's the inventor of the V-Armor and the massive Titanbreaker (which resulted in his suspension). 


Abilities: Retractable arms

Story: Onmitsu was created by Kenny Mori, seemingly to annoy Holloway. However, the robot's actions during the Newborn 003 would suggest that Onmitsu has a more sinister purpose...

Anomaly Issue #1: The Movie

Age: N/A
Abilities: Robotic strength and endurance, bulletproof
Story: Brought to "life"  by Holloway, Anomaly is the first robot with a mind of his own. Initially built to be a war drone, Anomaly decides for himself that he'd much rather be a superhero. Inspired by the superhero films featuring The Eagle, Anomaly dons a red cape and sets off into the world to stop evil wherever it is. 

Apex Enterprises is the foremost robotics manufacturer in the US. In an effort to create the ultimate soldier drone, Alex Holloway creates a robot brain; a supercomputer capable of emulating human thought. However, the experiment goes awry and ANOMALY is born – a robot without purpose, a robot with free will and free thought. Some may call this a success, but Anomaly has no interest in war. He has bigger dreams – to become a superhero!

Dexter Cole
Age: 52

Occupation: Head of Apex Enterprises, billionaire, genius
Story: Dexter Cole is the mysterious head of Apex. He's a brilliant scientist whose inventions are used worldwide. It is under his request that Holloway is tasked to create a thinking robot. 


This video was a gift from a fellow robot enthusiast, Alex W. He not only edited the video, he performed all of the vocals! Quite a talent. The Anomaly Theme was composed by my friend Zaalen Tallis. You can find more of his music on his channel:

The R.A.D. (Robotic Assault Drone)
Abilities: Increased armor, laser weapons
Story: Released in the mid-90s, the R.A.D. are the older model of war drones. Bulkier and slower than a Knight, what the R.A.D. lacks in speed, it more than makes up for it power. Holloway used a R.A.D. model to test his program Newborn 002. Unfortunately the R.A.D.'s processing unit overheated causing the robot to reboot in mid-battle!

“When I entered adulthood, it was a bit disconcerting. I became aware of the real world, of the anger and violence surrounding us. In addition, social media was exploding and instead of bringing us together, people were using it as tools to promote their aggression. Witnessing all these things made me wish for a simpler time, when you knew who the good guys were. I was also a bit disappointed with the route technology had taken. As a kid in the 90s, I expected to have hoverboards and flying cars by now. We got Snapchat instead. Unacceptable. I combined my nostalgia with my thoughts on technology to create Anomaly! Anomaly is a retro robot with the ability to feel, think, and even love. I also made him derive his moral code from old superhero serials. Essentially, I created Anomaly as a naïve, morally good superhero and thrust him into the modern day to see how he would hold up. Would he become jaded and disillusioned or hold fast to his beliefs and maybe change some other people’s attitudes?”

                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Ryan M. Brady

The Knight
Abilities: Flight, laser weapons, x-ray vision
Story:The Knights are the latest in war drone technology. Equipped with laser armaments that can be used to fire beams or generate blades, the Knights are a force with which to be reckoned. However, on their last test simulation, the Savior program (written by Holloway) reduced these war machines to benevolent rescuers. Back to the drawing board!

Kenny Mori
Age: 16
Occupation: Robotics Engineer and Programmer
Story: Kenny Mori is the latest acquisition of Apex Enterprises. The current "boy genius", Mori has displayed incredible skill in constructing highly intelligent robots. Being the youngest and brightest, Mori does display some cockiness, especially when it comes to Holloway. In Mori's eyes, Holloway is obselete and should leave to make room for Mori's rising star in the company.