Anomaly #4

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The Bolt #4

Anomaly is complete

and ready for action!

And where's the danger with a leisurely stroll through the woods, right? (2016, 10 pgs.)


The Bolt continues his fight against crime, but his activities gain the attention of the terrifying Trashman! (2013, 10 pgs) 


Display your love of The Bolt 

while shielding your innermost thoughts from prying telepaths with this exclusive hat with an embroidered logo. (Velcro, adjustable) 


The Bolt #6

A daring rescue brings the Bolt face-to-face with the Chimera's top enforcer, the Trashman! (2014, 12 pgs.)


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The adventure continues as Bolt learns that Camden is the epicenter to a super-villain gang war! (2013, 8 pgs)


Holloway struggles 

to complete his project but will 

he get more than he expected

when he succeeds? (2014, 15 pgs.)


Anomaly #2

The Bolt #3

The Bolt #5

Anomaly #3

Apex struggles to

 design a robot that can think like

a human in this premiere issue!

(2013, 8 pgs.)


The Bolt #1

The Bolt is forced

into a situation with the

odds stacked against him!(2018, 20 pgs.)


The enigmatic Oddball

appears, eager to remove the Bolt from the equation! And just what is the Chimera's

plan for Camden?

 (2016, 20 pgs.)


Anomaly #1

The Bolt #7

The Bolt Logo Hat

The Bolt #2

A mysterious new superhero takes to the streets of Camden but is he even aware of the danger he faces? It all starts here with the debut of the Bolt! (2013, 8 pgs)


What's more powerful: lightning or garbage? Find out as the Bolt faces off against Trashman in a super-powered showdown! (2015, 10 pgs.)


The adventures continues

with more robots, more scientists,

and an ultimatum! (2013, 8 pgs.)