Amy Anders
Age: 20
Occupation: College Student; Journalism
Story: Amy Anders dreams of being a world-renowned journalist. When she learns of the Bolt from her roommate Chonda, she sets out to write the story of the century: The Bolt unmasked. In a case of mistaken identity, Amy is kidnapped and comes face-to-face with the Bolt and Trashman. Now that's she seen him, will she continue her quest to unmask the vigilante or help him in his crusade for Camden?

Abilities: Highly intelligent, brilliant strategist, able to perform complex calculations in an instant
Story: Oddball is wickedly smart villain who uses data and statistics to always put the odds in his favor. Question his intelligence at your own peril or he may just send the Oddbot after you!

THE BOLT centers on two friends trying to improve the city of Camden, NJ. Jerome is a social activist concerned with saving his hometown. Sean has the mysterious ability to throw lightning bolts, with which he hopes to impress women. When Sean rescues the “girl of his dreams” one night, a sequence of events follows that finds the Bolt and Jerome caught between a super villain gang war!

The Bolt

Real name: Sean Riley

Age: 19

Abilities: Generate and throw lightning bolts

Story: Upon discovering his strange electrical abilities, Sean wondered how he could best use them to his advantage. Gain the attention of women? Check. Get payback on bullies? Check. It wasn't until college when he met Jerome Jordan that he realized he could accomplish more with his power. Now he dons a blue mask and hoodie and protects the city of Camden as the electrifying hero, the Bolt


Abilities: Body is composed entirely of trash, can manipulate trash to form limbs, projectiles, weapons. 
Story: The Trashman is an enforcer for the Chimera. No one knows how or why but his body is made of trash. He also has a deep hatred for Julius King, the Chimera's rival. Quick to anger, he's the first super-villain to meet the Bolt and fight him in a one-on-one confrontation. 

Character Gallery

Dr. Toksis
Abilities: Skilled chemist
Story: Dr. Toksis, a loyal follower of Chimera, creates the serum that fuels the underworld army of villains. With it, he can mutate any new recruit into a super-powered soldier of the cause!

Jerome Jordan
Age: 20
Occupation: College Student
Story: Jerome Jordan is a Camden-native who has witnessed the decline of the city over his lifetime. Not one to sit idly by, Jerome begins a social crusade to fight poverty and hunger. When he discovers Sean's incredible abilities, the two embark on a quest to make Camden a safer place from crime. Jerome is the Bolt's "voice of reason", often reeling him in when he becomes too cocky or a situation is too dangerous. 

Chonda Chau
Age: 20
Occupation: College Student; Criminal Justice
Story: Chonda is a headstrong woman who often finds herself in dangerous situations. She discovers the Bolt one night during a mugging and dislikes him immediately. Despite her roommate Amy's urging, Chonda has no interest in unmasking the Bolt, mainly because she is focused on a darker, more personal mystery...

Abilities: ???? 
Story: Chimera is the leader of the criminal underworld. Working from the shadows, Chimera builds his army in secret to achieve his goal: the ultimate control of Camden!