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The world needed a new weapon. Former boy genius Alex Holloway was given an ultimatum: construct a robot that can think like human or you're terminated. Working late into the night, Holloway succeeds but perhaps too well. The new robot is an ANOMALY. It can think like you or me and it decides for itself that the world has enough weapons. What the world really needs is a superhero!



Built by Holloway, Anomaly is the first robot with a human-like mind and free will. Inspired by the superhero movie "The Eagle", Anomaly decides that he too will be a superhero for all.



Holloway is a former boy genius with his best years behind him. He struggles with his decision to make weapons for Apex Enterprises and sees Anomaly as a chance at a new start.



Gryffin is a mutant hybrid seemingly created by a now-defunct Apex Bio Division. Living alone in a deserted lab, he believes Anomaly and Holloway to be threats to him.

Anomaly: Team Members
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